Checkpoint without saving to a file

Is there a simple way to have checkpoint on a specified metric using monitor but no file be saved. when I set save_top_k to zero it didn’t keep the best metric in the checkpoint_callback. in summary I want to be able to get checkpoint_callback.best_model_score after training, but no .ckpt file be saved.

I do not recommend to use ModelCheckpoint for this purpose. It is meant for saving files.
Simply add 2 lines of code to LightningModule to track your best metric:

if value < self.best_value:
     self.best_value = value

Or if this code is not specific to your LightningModule, you could implement a Callback that tracks your best results.

Then set checkpoint_callback=False in Trainer to prevent it from saving checkpoints by default.

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Agreed with @awaelchli, but if you still want it just subclass and override these two methods, might work I think.

from pytorch_lightning.utilities import rank_zero_only
from pytorch_lightning.callbacks import ModelCheckpoint

class MyModelCheckpoint(ModelCheckpoint):
    def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs):
        super().__init__(*args, **kwargs)
    def _del_model(self, *_):
    def _save_model(self, *_):

trainer = Trainer(callbacks=[MyModelCheckpoint(monitor='some_metric', ...), ...])