Do datamodules have on_checkpoint_load/save hooks?

We’ve built a dataloader which has a checkpointable state we can resume from. I’d like to include this in my lightning module checkpoint. It doesn’t seem like the data module has these hooks for me to add this though

cc @nate

Currently not; we are working to implement this at the moment. In the mean time you can actually define train_dataloader(), val_dataloader() within your LightningModule itself, and anything that would be saved to its state_dict will be saved with the checkpoint.

Is there a github issue/PR i can subscribe to for this?

saving state is I think specific to Callbacks. Maybe you can try creating a custom callback and overload on_save_checkpoint and on_load_checkpoint to make this work. You can check ModelCheckpoint.on_save_checkpoint for reference.

The LightningModule also has these hooks to augment the checkpoint with more information:

@ananthsub what do you envision a feature like this looking like? There was an issue about it here, but I haven’t seen/come up with a proposed solution that makes sense yet.

I’ve been workin on a solution for argument parsing that’ll let you get access to all the args/kwargs used to init model/dm/trainer which I’ll push this week…I was planning on using that to solve this problem, but then it would force the user to use my new object LightningArgumentParser (which I feel is a bad thing to enforce).

Can we discuss a solution here on what this checkpointing feature will concretely look like?

Yes I’ll ping you on slack. I don’t want to be forced to use LightningArgumentParser for this. That seems to go against Lightning principles of being config-agnostic

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totally agree. they need to be completely separate