Documentation for Intermediate User


I have started to use PyTorch Lightning for a few weeks now. I have already went through some of the videos and introductory posts like the step-by-step walk-through tutorial.

I am know familiar to the basic concepts, however every time I see PL code written by someone more experienced I feel like I am missing out on stuff. Usually, when this happens, I go and read the documentation, look through the GitHub implementation etc. But when I try to look for PL documentation, I feel like most of it is really superficial and beginner-oriented. I can’t really find a detailed explanation of how to use the features or any link to the exact place of the GitHub implementation.

Could anybody guide me towards better understanding PL? I feel like it’s a very powerful tool and I would like to have a deeper understanding of it. Maybe I am just overseeing something, so I would appreciate any help.