Dose PL validate and train at the same time?

This is part of console output:
Epoch 0: 99%|█████████▊| 11244/11389 [52:26<00:40, 3.57it/s, loss=99.6, v_num=17]
Epoch 0: 99%|█████████▉| 11247/11389 [52:26<00:39, 3.57it/s, loss=99.6, v_num=17]
Validating: 88%|████████▊ | 997/1139 [01:15<00:08, 17.30it/s]
Epoch 0: 99%|█████████▉| 11250/11389 [52:26<00:38, 3.58it/s, loss=99.6, v_num=17]
Epoch 0: 99%|█████████▉| 11253/11389 [52:26<00:38, 3.58it/s, loss=99.6, v_num=17]
Validating: 88%|████████▊ | 1003/1139 [01:16<00:07, 17.18it/s]

It looks like it train and val at the same time.

hey @sss

if you have validation enabled, it will run the validation loop after training in a general case. The main progress bar in this case will display num_training_steps + num_validation_steps.

Also, we have moved the discussions to GitHub Discussions. You might want to check that out instead to get a quick response. The forums will be marked read-only after some time.

Thank you