EfficientNet SwishImplementation Error

Hey there!

Im new to PyTorch Lighting and I am trying to export my model (EfficientNet based) to .onnx.
According to this forum ( https://github.com/lukemelas/EfficientNet-PyTorch/issues/91 ) i need to perform:


before exporting:

torch.onnx.export(model, torch.rand(10,3,240,240), "EfficientNet-B0.onnx")

however, this raises an error:

RuntimeError: ONNX export failed: Couldn't export Python operator SwishImplementation

is there a workaround to this?

Hi, this is not a PyTorch Lightning issue, as PyTorch Lightning is not even used in this repository. I would recommend reaching out to the author of the repository, or opening another issue. Best of luck!


Thanks for the reply Teddy!