Gradient Accumulation with Dual (optimizer, scheduler) Training

Hello, Lightning community!

I am using a dual (optimizer, scheduler) training as shown in the code snippet below:

def configure_optimizers(self):
    return (
        {"optimizer": optimizer_1,
         "lr_scheduler": {"scheduler": scheduler_1, "interval": "step", "name": "scheduler_1"},
         "frequency": 1},
        {"optimizer": optimizer_2,
         "lr_scheduler": {"scheduler": scheduler_2, "interval": "step", "name": "scheduler_2"},
         "frequency": 1},

With "frequency": 1 on both optimizers, the trainer calls optimizer_1 in step i while calling optimizer_2 in step (i+1).

Therefore, is there an approach to combine gradient acccumulation with this optimization setup where optimizer_1 uses the accumulated gradient from steps (i-1) and i while optimizer_2 uses the accumulated gradient from steps i and (i+ 1)?