How to run and Trainer.test() in DDP distributed mode

I have a script like this

trainer = Trainer(distributed_backend="ddp", gpus=2, ...)
model = Model(...)

and when I launch it, it hangs after fit, never reaching test, or it errors with a message
“Address already in use”
What is the problem?

Question/Problem from here

You cannot run trainer.test after (or multiple in general) in ddp mode.
This only works with ddp_spawn . You need to either

  1. remove the trainer.test call
  2. move the trainer.test call to a new test script
  3. choose ddp_spawn (but has it’s own limitations)

This is simply a limitation of multiprocessing and a tradeoff between ddp and ddp_spawn.
More information in this section towards the bottom

Is this possible now in 1.0?

Yes, it should be working.

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The docs for 1.0.6 still say it’s not possible to run both .fit and .test in ddp mode, are they just out of date?
The ddp example also seems to be running them both.
Could you point us to an issue or PR that addressed this?

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Yes it’s out of date, sorry about that.
We solved some of these bigger challenges, like running fit and test multiple times sequentially.
can’t find the exact PR that solved this, but it must be somewhere among these here:

Great, thanks a lot!