No progress bar when using a logger

When I pass CometLogger to the Trainer the progress bar disappears.

This the the part of my training_step method:

    tqdm_dict = {'g_loss': loss_G, 'id_loss': loss_identity, 'loss_cyc': loss_cycle}
    output = OrderedDict({
        'loss': loss_G,
        'progress_bar': tqdm_dict,
        'log': tqdm_dict
    return output

This is how I pass the logger to the trainer:

trainer = pl.Trainer(gpus=-1, logger=comet_logger)

Is lack of progress bar an expected behavior in this situation? If yes, how I can display progress bar again?

UPDATE: I found out, that the progress_bar dictionary key is deprecated, but this was not the issue here. I narrowed the problem to the number of GPUs. The progress bar disappears when I use logger and more than one GPU.