Saving model in Azure blob storage via callback module

I wanted to save checkpoints to Azure blob storage via available interface tools to data containers (e.g., AzCopy).

I wanted to do this every time a model checkpoint is saved locally via a ModelCheckpoint specified callback, and then running a subroutine that copies the checkpoints/logs to the external container.

The method on_checkpoint_save seems to run before the checkpoint is created, so I do not think it would be adequate to implement it because it would save an old checkpoint. Do you have any suggestions on how I should do this?

I thought of defining a new custom callback that inherits from ModelCheckpoint, and at the end of the save_checkpoint method, add another line that calls my subroutine to save in blob storage. Do you think this is a good way or would there be a better option?


Hello, my apology for the late reply. We are slowly converging to deprecate this forum in favor of the GH build-in version… Could we kindly ask you to recreate your question there - Lightning Discussions